Jewps update, April 28

Posted on: April 28th, 2011 by Ron Kaplan

From the Jerusalem Post:

Israeli basketball player Omri Casspi, who plays for the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, is set to endorse the “cornflakes of champions” and get well paid for it.

Globes reported that Casspi will earn $200,000 for use of his image on a series of ads for Telma’s Cornflakes of Champions.

"Telma's Cornflakes of Champions: Eat it, or else!" (Reuters photo)

And this came up in conversation (I talk to myself a lot):

Is LeBron James Labeled A ‘Choker’ Because Of Race?

The writer for ESPN.com thinks there’s a double standard in play, with LeBron garnering criticism for his poor performance in the playoffs:

A title victory protects an athlete. Don’t have a ring? Likability is the next best defense. If fans identify with a star, they’re less inclined to impugn him. Steve Nash has eluded the cruel “choker” tag, despite many playoff exits. My assumption is that sportswriters and fans are more likely to empathize with someone who looks like them [Emphasis added]. It helps that Nash plays a beautiful game and exudes charisma. So, it makes sense that much of the media narrative surrounding him revolves around how the Suns have failed him — not the other way around.

I think that’s both kind of a dumb thing to say and, in a way, the truth; aren’t most of us more comfortable with people who are like us? Doesn’t mean we have to desire the downfall of others or be hateful of them because of the differences.

But as the writer for SportsNewser points out, “So it has nothing to do with the fact that James is 1-0f-6 when trying to win or tie a game in the closing seconds?”

In other words, we’re not calling LeBron a choker artists because he’s black. We’re calling him a choke artist because he’s underperforming, especially in situations where a superstar should take command and be truly great. But sports fans being what they are — with very short memories and attention spans — he’ll be hailed the greatest man in the universe they next time he has a good game.

Just sayin.’

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