Blogger recaptures drama of Nazi era in Hank Greenberg fiction

Posted on: July 26th, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

It was a bit disheartening to see the anti-Semitic screeds regarding Ryan Braun’s suspension. But compared with what players in Hank Greenberg’s era had to endure, the comments and Tweets about Braun are love letters.

Jeff Polman, a graphic designer from Culver City, California, posts several installments each week about Greenberg in “Dear Hank: A Fictional 1938 Season in Letters,” a blog about the original “Hammerin’ Hank” as he deals with anti-Semitism on the homefront and the incursion of Nazism in pre-WWII Europe.

Polman has used this method before with 1924 and You Are There!; Play That Funky Baseball; The Bragging Rights League; and Mystery Ball ’58, The stories are all fictitious, but based on seasons “played” via Strat-o-Matic (1924 was also published in book form.)

I spoke with Polman earlier this week. You can listen to our conversation here.


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