Can you pick out the mistakes? (grown-up edition)

Posted on: January 17th, 2014 by Ron Kaplan

Remember those puzzles in which similar images were shown side by side and you had to pick out the subtle differences?

That’s kind of the feeling I got when I read this piece by David Fontana on the Huffington Post today.

Although I appreciate the sentiment and good will he had in publishing The Return of the Jewish Athlete,” I was immediately exasperated by the use, once again, of the tired cliche about Jewish sports heroes constituting the world’s thinnest book (or whatever derivation thereof). But in reading the article, I came across several examples of questionable research and reporting. See how many you can find and drop me an email.

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  1. Stan Keyles says:

    Hi Ron
    Re: your piece on David Fontana, Huffington Post, Jan.17 2014, The Return of the Jewish Athlete, I viewed the entire video and read the article. What was most intriguing was Yael Averbuch, a Montclair resident, as an interviewee/reporter on the video. She grew up on my block in Montclair and she and her stepdad Paul Friedman, would pass the soccer ball back and forth to each other as he escorted her to the school bus stop. She scored the fastest goal for UNC in NCAA Women’s Soccer history and was on our national team. Her sister, Shira, starred at MHS and Stanford. Her mom, Gloria Averbuch ran the marathon and is an accomplished writer. View the whole video from HP, see Mark Tracey interviewed and consider doing a piece on Yael and women’s soccer and Jews in the U.S.



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