So long, Sela

Posted on: July 10th, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

Well, it was fun while it last. Dudi (David) Sela beat John (Goliath) Isner but couldn’t repeat against his next Wimbledon opponent, losing to Grigor Dimitrov on Saturday, 6-1, 6-1, so thanks for the memories. Sela also lost in men’s doubles.


  • Seth Lipsky (USA), lost in his men’s doubles and mixed doubles matches.
  • Jonathan Ehrlich (Israel) lost ion his men’s doubles match.
  • Camila Giorgi lost her singles match.

I’m not aware of any other Jews besides Justin Gimmelstob (USA) and Peter Polansky (Canada) who participated in Wimbledon, but I don’t really consider their games along the same competitive lines, just as I didn’t incl;ude Israel’s other entry, Yshai Oliel, who was entered into the boys singles and doubles categories.


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