Jewish sports news update (and SSP), January 2, 2018

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by Ron Kaplan

Got to remember to write “2018” on the checks. What’s a check, you ask? Man, you’re young.

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First, a little shameless self-promotion: The big news is that the Korner is celebrating its 10th anniversary around this time 10, or so I’m told by the folks at LinkedIn. I’m sure it would have been immediately after New Year’s when the site launched under the aegis of the New Jersey Jewish News, so I’m gonna stick with that. To paraphrase from Guys and Dolls — and as far as I know — it’s the oldest established permanent floating Jewish sports site on the Web.

It’s been a mixture of fun and frustration. The fun was doing it for a living when I was with the paper when I had lots of time to work on entries and interviews. Speaking to various groups ion the topic was great and being named Blog of the Year by the New Jersey Press Association was also cool. The frustration is finding the time now that I’m no longer there and keeping an audience. Thanks to all for your support and good wishes over the years. A special tip of the hat to Rabbi Jason Miller for pitching in (see what I did there?) and helping the Korner move along to the next phase.

As far as the real news of the day, there isn’t any. No Jews were in pro sports action action yesterday. But on this date in 1925, according the Day by Day in Jewish Sports History, Kid Kaplan — no relation — beat Danny Kramer in the final bout of an elimination tournament to become featherweight champ.

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