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JFL Update, Week 4

Posted on: October 3rd, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

https://kckingdom.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/220/files/2013/12/7694520.jpgThe Kansas City Chiefs remain unbeaten (4-0) after field goal with four seconds left on the clock sealed the deal in a 23-20 win over the visiting Washington Redskins. Mitchell Schwartz was the starting right tackle and played on all 76 offensive downs plus another six on special teams. The Chiefs have the highest score differential with +43 and a large part of the credit has to go to the offensive line.

Ali Marpet was the starting center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and appeared on all 64 offensive downs as the Bucs (2-1) beat the struggling and visiting NY Giants, 23-20 in overtime. With the Giants at 0-4, largely in part to a sluggish offense, why not promote Adam Bisnowaty from the practice squad? What could it hurt?

Nate Ebner made another tackle as part of the New England Patriots’ special teams unit, but it didn’t prevent them from losing 33-30 to the visiting Carolina Panthers. Ebner was on the field for 22 plays, 79 percent of the Pats’ defensive time.

As mentioned in previous entries, I don’t really follow the college gridiron but I make an exception for the exceptional QB Josh Rosen, who beat visiting Colorado on Yom Kippur, 27-23. Rosen threw for 372 yards and one touchdown as UCLA broke a two-game losing streak to move to a 3-2 record. Did Rosen fast, as some other Jewish college players have in the past? Don’t know. But Noah Seligman post this piece about former Wisconsin Badger fullback Matt Bernstein, who had a career day while recovering from his fast in 2004. Gabe Carimi did that, too

Of course, it’s probably harder for football players to take off for the Day of Atonement than any other sport. I can’t do the math, but between the college and pro ranks, most games take place Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (yes, I know about Monday Night Football — which are played on both Mondays and Thursdays now), so there’s only a few days it could actually be a conflict. On the other hand, since there are much fewer games than other sports, each one can have a major impact on the outcome of the season. Where you play on the field can make a difference, too. I did a story for the NJ Jewish News several years ago about a Jewish punter who said he felt pressure to play on Yom Kippur because there were no real substitutes for his position.

Not a football issue, but Omri Casspi choose to sit out of the pre-season opener for his new NBA team, the Golden State Warriors, because it fell on the holy day. Not exactly taking as dramatic a stand like Koufax (first game of 1965 World Series) and Greenberg (during a tight pennant race in 1934), but it’s better than all the Jewish Major Leaguers did as their season wound to a close.

JFL update, Week 9

Posted on: November 4th, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

The Kansas City Chiefs had somewhat of a difficult time, but they kept their perfect record, moving to 9-0 after their 23-13 win over the host Buffalo Bills (306). Geoff Schwartz was a guard/tackle on five special teams plays.

Mitchell Schwartz was the starting right tackle as the Cleveland Browns (4-5) beat the visiting Baltimore Ravens (3-5), 24-18. He played in all of the Browns’ offensive plays plus another five on special teams.

Brian De Le Puente (6-2) played the whole game at center for the New Orleans Saints in their 26-20 loss to the host NY Jets (5-4).

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made a game of it, but eventually took their eight straight loss, losing 27-24 to the Seattle Seahawks (8-1) in overtime. Erik Lorig was the starting fullback, catching all three passes thrown to him for a total of 14 yards. All told he was on the field for 32 offensive plays (46 percent) plus 15 (52 percent) on special teams. Gabe Carimi was a substitute offensive guard/tackle, appearing in nine plays on offense (13 percent) and four (14 percent) on special teams.

After a week off, Marc Trestman leads Adam Podlesh and the Chicago Bears (4-3) against the Green Bay Packers (503) tonight. Tablet Magazine ran this profile on Coach T ahead of tonight’s battle against the Bears’ arch-rival.

Taylor Mays of the Cincinnati Bengals (6-3), is out for the rest of the year with an injury. The Bengals lost to the host Miami Dolphins (4-4) on Thursday, 22-20 on a safety in overtime.


JFL update, week 9

Posted on: November 1st, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

Taylor Mays could only stand on the sidelines and watch (assuming he was even at the game. Don’t know how those things work when you’re injured, but you frequently see players in “street clothes” milling around their teammates.) as his Cincinnati Bengals lost a heartbreaker to the host Miami Dolphins, 22-20 in overtime. The winning score cam on, of all things, a safety.

The weekend’s festivities include:

  • Geoff Schwartz and the Kansas City Chiefs look to increase their unbeaten streak to nine games as they shuffle off toe Buffalo to play the Bills.
  • Mitchell Schwartz and the Cleveland Browns host the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Brian De Le Puente and the New Orleans Saints visit the NY Jets.
  • Erik Lorig, Gabe Carimi, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers look to get one in the win column as they visit the Seattle Seahawks. Yeah good luck with that one.
  • After a week off, Coach Marc Trestman leads Adam Podlesh and the Chicago Bears to Green Bay to face their arch rivals, the Packers.

How do they keep their jobs?

Posted on: October 25th, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

The NY Football Giants (why do they keep calling them that? There haven’t been the NY Baseball Giants since 1957. Do they call them the Dallas Football Cowboys? Weird.) 3-4 at this point. Instead, they’re 1-6. Barely.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers haven’t won a game yet. They should be 5-2.

The Kansas City Chiefs? They’re pretty close to “expectations”: 7-0 instead of 5-2.

You have to give the folks at ESPN the Magazine credit; they’ve got chutzpa. Their Sept. 2 issue includes predictions for all 267 games for the regular season. (I’m certainly no math wiz, but that seems like a strange number to me since each team plays 16 games.)

I was listening to Hang Up and Listen, Slate’s sports podcast. One of the topics was the Red Sox-Cardinals World Series and how the two teams got there. Mike Pesca, one of the three regulars on the program, seem to take umbrage with the fact the Sox are being hailed for their worst-to-first comeback. (You may recall they finished last in the A.L. East under ineffectual lightning-rod manager Bobby Valentine). Pesca attributed Boston’s success less to the influence of manager John Farrell than the relative health of the team; the Red Sox had a huge number of injuries in 2012.

That’s a great part of the problem with sports predictions. You can never tell who’s going to be healthy and who will suffer from a debilitating injury. In some cases, it could be more than one impact player and there goes everything out the window. Gabe Carimi and Geoff Schwartz have been banged up of late. Kevin Youkilis was hoped to be an integral part of the Yankees season, filling in for an injured Alex Rodriguez, but missed most of the season with his own problems. Jason Marquis was on his way to a possible 20-win year before going under the knife for Tommy John surgery. Then there was superstar Ryan Braun, who missed 65 games because of his suspension. Not that his Milwaukee Brewers were going anywhere anyway.

General managers plan; God laughs.


JFL update, Week 8

Posted on: October 25th, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers retained their prefect records — eight losses without a win — after last night’s 31-13 defeat at the hands of the visiting Carolina Panthers.

Eric Lorig was the starting fullback and made just his third reception of the season. A whopping two yards. Gabe Carimi came in as a substitute tackle.

On to Sunday…

For the first time in NFL history, Jewish brothers will oppose each other on the field as Mitchell Schwartz (right) and the Cleveland Browns (3-4)  visit big bro Geoff Schwartz (left) and the 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs.

The Los Angeles Times took note of the event: the boys are local products.The shirt below was created by the boys’ mom,

Split image

I asked their dad, Lee, in an email if he saw himself more as the biblical Isaac or Archie Manning, who’s seen his sons, Peyton and Eli, in gridiron combat.

Lee wrote:

Much more Isaac than Archie.  The Schwartz men just don’t rise to the level of the Mannings.  Are you aware though that we…or rather the boys…will make history this weekend?  First time ever that Jewish brothers will be on the same field but on opposite sides in different jerseys?  Apparently the Horweens back in the ‘20s played for the same team.

Don’t know if this will be of interest to you and/or your blog readers but I’ll share and let you make that decision.

Geoffrey and I attended a synagogue in Kansas City for Yom Kippur in September.  Days later, while sharing our appreciation with the executive director for allowing us to attend, he responded with a request.  Will Geoffrey visit the synagogue’s day school?  I put them in touch and, Geoffrey being Geoffrey, he said “of course.”

It turns out that we have friends in LA who have a son living in KC who has a business partner that has a child in the day school.  Got that? The LA friend forwarded me comments from their son’s partner…who just happened to be in attendance…describing what took place last week.  Here’s what was said:

“Well you should be one proud dad.  Today Geoff visited the Jewish Day school in KC.  I just got a call from ____raving about Geoff….  I want to tell you a couple of things they said about this morning.  He took pictures of the program they presented for him and he stood and took pictures with everyone who wanted one.  When he spoke he talked with no notes about character and what it means.  They were blown away by what he had to say.

“He toured the school with the head of school and____and some others.  In the history class he spoke about his favorite time in American history and why he loved it.

“They gave him a kipa…with his Hebrew name on it and his Chief’s number.  And lastly he talked about…the importance of Judaism to his family.  He said he takes a menora with him on the road and lights the candles…and says everyone is so excited about Geoff.  Just thought you should hear about what he is doing since I am sure Geoff will not tell you how important today was to so many people.”

As a parent, it doesn’t get any better.


By the way, the Horweens Lee Schwartz mentioned were Arnie and Ralph, who played for the Chicago Cardinals back in the 1920s. Arnie was the bigger of the two, at 5’11″/205, with Ralph 5’10″/200, which, for the day, was pretty hefty. Compare that with Mitchell, at 6’5″/320, and Geoff, 6’6″/340.

As for the rest,

  • Taylor Mays and the Cincinnati Bengals host the NJ Jets.
  • Brian De Le Puente and the New Orleans Saints host the Buffalo Bills.
  • Adam Podlesh and Marc Trestman‘s Chicago Bears have lost three of their last four games. They can use their week off to regroup.
  • And given the current state of affairs at quarterback with the Minn. Vikings (and Bears), why not Sage Rosenfels?

JFL update, Week 7

Posted on: October 21st, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

The Kansas City Chiefs remained unbeaten (7-0) by holding off the visiting Houston Texans, 17-16. Geoff Schwartz appeared in only three plays on special teams.

Mitchell Schwartz and the Cleveland Browns (3-4) were pummeled by the host Green Bay Packers, 31-13. Schwartz made the game start at right tackle, appearing in all 71 offensive plays plus another three (10 percent) on special teams.

Safety Taylor Mays made three tackles (one solo, two assisted) as the Cincinnati Bengals (5-2) beat the host Detroit Lions, 27-24. He participated in 26 defensive plays (33 percent) and 17 (59 percent) on special teams.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers remained winless in six games following their 31-23 loss to the host Atlanta Falcons. Gabe Carimi got the starting assignment at guard and appeared in 12 plays (14 percent) of the offensive plays and another five (17 percent) on special teams. Erik Lorig was the staring wide receiver but did not make a catch, appearing in 31 plays (37 percent), plus another 21 (70 percent) on special teams.

Adam Podlesh and the Chicago Bears came out on the short side of a 45-41 extravaganza against the host Washington Redskins. Podlesh made just three punts for a total of 147 yards (two inside 20 yard-line, long, 67).  Marc Trestman‘s charges are now 4-3.

Brian De Le Puente and the New Orleans Saints (5-1) are in their bye week.

Could one of these high school players be a JFLer in the not-too-distant future?



JFL update, Week 6

Posted on: October 14th, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

Geoff Schwartz and the Kansas City Chiefs remained undefeated (6-0) by beating the visiting Oakland Raiders 24-7. Schwartz, battling a triceps injury, appeared in just one regular play at defensive end, plus another four on special teams.

Center Brian De Le Puente and the New Orleans Saints dropped their first loss (5-1) in the final few seconds against the host New England Patriots, 30-27. De LE Puente was on the field for all of the Saints’ offensive plays plus an additional five on special teams.

Matthew Schwartz and the Cleveland Browns fell to 3-3 following their 31-17 loss to the visiting Detroit Lions. The right tackle appeared in all of the Browns’ offensive plays and another three on special teams.

Eric Lorig, Gabe Carimi, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers dropped to 0-5 with their 31-20 loss to the visiting Philadelphia Eagles. Lorig served as a substitute full back/tight end and was not targeted for a single pass, appearing in 21 offensive plays (29 percent) and another four on special teams. Carimi, who had been ill for a bit (three of the Buccaneers have been diagnosed with the MRSA virus)  made his first appearance since Week Two, appearing in just four plays as a member of special teams.

Taylor Mays appeared as a substitute safety in the Cincinnati Bengals’ 27-24 overtime win over the host Buffalo Bills. Mays made one solo tackled and combined on another, appearing in 21 plays (30 percent) on defense and another 21 (66 percent) on special teams. The Bengals improved to 4-2 and sit atop the AFC North Division.

Marc Trestman, Adam Podlesh, and the Chicago Bears beat the NY Giants, 27-21, on Oct. 10.

Sage Rosenfels contributed this assessment of Houston Texans beleaguered QB Matt Schaub for Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback blog. Rosenfels had an 11-year NFL career, mostly as a backup, including two years as a teammate of Schaub’s.

Mish-mosh: Looking over the over-looked in Jewsh sports news

Posted on: October 2nd, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

Looking over the over-looked.

* Say what you will about the ownership of the Miami Marlins (who previously owned the Montreal Expos and ran them into the ground), but I don’t hear any other team erected sukkas in their ballparks.

Eli Weiss, left, and Sholom Neistein in the sukkah at Marlins Park. (Photo/Sergio Carmona/Sun-Sentinel))

* There aren’t any Jews on the Pittsburgh Pirates roster, but they still have their super fans. Amazed to listen to the comment on last nights Wild Card play-in win against the Cincinnati Reds that the Pirates haven’t been in the post-season since 1992. That’s a whole generation of fans who never saw them in their glory.

* Boy, Gabe Carimi, now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, can’t seem to catch a break. He missed almost all of his rookie season with the Chicago Bears because of an injury. Last year, he played sporadically and basically ineffectually. Now this!

* Hebrew National claims to answer to a higher authority when it comes to standards for their products. But it seems they’re pikers when compared with the Israeli Olympic Committee, who, according to this piece on Tablet, is “one of the only countries that maintains qualification standards that are more restrictive than the [International Olympic Committee]’s.

* I have Google alerts for a lot of Jewish sports tropics, one of which is “Jews and football.” This includes non-U.S. football, aka Soccer. And most of the Jewish soccer news is not good, full of anti-Semitism and name-calling, etc. Sad. Thank goodness, U.S. football rarely worries about such stuff (unless you think calling the Washington, DC, team the Redskins is offensive).

JFL update, Week 4

Posted on: October 1st, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

The Kansas City Chiefs and G/T Geoff Schwartz improved to 4-0 by beating the suddenly inept NY Giants, 31-7. Schwartz appeared in all of the Chief’s offensive plays and eight more as a member of the special teams unit.He also made a tackle on a fumble.

Marc Trestman, Adam Podlesh, and the Chicago Bears took their first loss of the season, a 40-32 decision at the hands of the Detroit Lions (Cue the Lions, no Tigers, and Bears, oh my jokes). Podlesh made five punts for 201 yards (longest, 52, one inside the 20-yard line) and even made a a tackle on special teams. But evidently he felt he could have done better.

Offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz and the Cleveland Browns improved to 2-2 by beating Safety Taylor Mays and the Cincinnati Bengals, 17-6. Mays started at free safety and made three solo tackles and assisted on another. He appeared in 90 percent of the Bengals’ defensive plays and eight additional plays on special teams. Schwartz appeared in all of the Browns’ offensive lineups. The Bengals are also 2-2.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers blew a 10-0 lead in the fourth quarter to hand the visiting Arizona Cardinals the 13-10 win. Erik Lorig was the starting fullback and made one reception (targeted twice) for 20 yards. He was on the field for 23 plays (30 percent) on offense and 18 (64 percent) on special teams. Guard Gabe Carimi was not active for the game. The loss drops the Bucs to 0-4.

Center Brian de La Puente and the New Orleans Saints improved to 4-0 by beating the visiting Miami Dolphins (who had been 3-0) on Monday Night Football, 38-17. He played the entire game.


JFL update, Week 2

Posted on: September 16th, 2013 by Ron Kaplan

Brian De La Puenta and the New Orleans Saints improved to 2-0 by beating Gabe Carimi, Erik Lorig, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 16-14 on a 27-yeard field goal with no time left on the clock. De La Puento played the entire game at center while Carimi made the start at left guard for the Bucs, also playing the entire game. Lorig was targeted with one pass, which went incomplete. He was also on the special teams unit.

Adam Podlesh punted just three times for 111 yards (long, 48; one inside the 20 yard line), as Marc Trestman‘s Chicago Bears (2-0) held off the visiting Minn. Vikings, 31-3o.

Mitchell Schwartz was the starting right tackle and played the entire game for the Cleveland Browns (0-2), who lost to the host Baltimore Ravens, 14-6.

Geoff Schwartz appeared in just four plays for the surprising  Kansas City Chiefs (2-0), who held off the visiting Dallas Cowboys, 17-16. (Cowboys and Indians?)

Taylor Mays and the Cincinnati Bengals hope to get their first win of the season as they host the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight. What position Mays will play seems to be a matter of debate.

In other football news:

  • Gene Simmons of KISS has apparently purchased a team in the Arena Football League and guess who he wants to play for him?
  • This story from Jewish News Service hails the accomplishments of two legendary Jewish head coaches: Marv Levy and Sid Gillman.
  • And in the college ranks, at least one athlete found a way to balance Yom Kippur with playing: University of Arizona kicker Jake Smith, who kicked four PAT and a 23-yard field goal in his school’s 38-13 win over visiting USTA on Saturday night. Smith also made seven kickoffs, including five touchbacks, for  455 yards.
  • At least one other college game was actually rescheduled to accommodate the holy day.
University of Arizona vs. UNLV

Jake Smith (86) hangs to UNLV running back Keith Whitely on a kickoff return in the fourth quarter of a Sept. 7 game. Photo by Kelly Presnell/Arizona Daily Star



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