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JFL Update, Week 3

Posted on: September 26th, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

More news off the field than on, thanks to Trump’s recent screeds about lack of respect in sports, particularly, the NFL. Maybe this was an elaborate collaboration between the President and the NFL to boost sagging ratings, since so many would supposedly tune in to see what would happen? Yes? No?

It’s not the purview of this blog to deal with politics, but when they intrude on sports, that’s my opening. I think that 95 percent (at least) of the stuff that comes out of Trump’s whatever (to use one of his phrases) is BS designed to garner him the attention he evidently needs like plants need sunshine. Okay, that’s it for me…for now.


The Kansas City Chiefs improved to 3-0 following their 24-10 win over the host LA Chargers. Mitchell Schwartz was the starting right tackle and appeared on all 53 offensive plays plus another five (19 percent) on special teams. According to at least one source, however, Schwartz’s play was one of the disappointing factors in this one. On the other hand, there’s praise as well.

Image result for geoff schwartz espn radioAs for his brother, Geoff, who retired after last season, he the co-host of a football related talk show in Sirius Radio’s NFL Channel, #88, which can be heard every Saturday from 4-8 pm PST.  Geoff (photo at right) is also one of a group of co-hosts who rotate on ESPN Radio (espnradio.com), wrapping up the day’s NFL activities. And no, that doesn’t mean the spin in their chairs.

Ali Marpet played every snap (53) behind QB as the new center for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) in their 34-17 loss to the host Minnesota Vikings. He was flagged for a five-yard, false start penalty.

Nate Ebner made his first appearance of the new season, contributing to a tackle for the New England Patriots (2-1) in their 36-31 win over the visiting Houston Texans.


Not really a big college football guy. I went to a D-III school and unless you have some relationship with a school, why bother? But Josh Rosen, a junior QB for UCLA, seems to be something special, although there’s some controversy over just how good he is. UCLA is 2-2, with home wins over Texas A&M and Hawaii followed by consecutive road losses to Memphis (by just three points) and Stanford. Rosen ranks 29th in the country in Quarterback Ratings and is garnering at least some attention from NFL scouts.

According to the latest issue of Jewish Sports Review, in addition to Rosen, these are among the D-I players to watch:

  • QB Neven Sussman (Junior, Albany)
  • Offensive tackle Jordan Lewinsky (Senior, Drake)
  • Receiver Joe Fine (Senior, Bryant)
  • OT Zach Novoslesky, (Junior, West Michigan)
  • OL Kyle Ritz (Junior, Akron)
  • Center Jack Singer (Junior, UNLV)
  • Placekicker Morgan Ellman (Senior, New Hampshire)
  • Placekicker Oren Millstein (Sophomore, Columbia)
  • Placekicker Josh Pollack (Red shirt Junior, Arizona)
  • Placekicker Jack Soslow (Junior, Pennsylvania) So-slow? Not a great name for an athlete.
  • Punter Jordan Dascalo (Senior, Eastern Washington)
  • Punter Max Pedinoff (Senior, New Hampshire)

Good lucks, boys. Make us proud.

JFL Report, Week 2

Posted on: September 18th, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

Mitchell Schwartz played all 53 offensive downs plus another five (17 percent) on special teams as the KC Chiefs improved to 2-0 after beating the visiting Philadelphia Eagles, 27-20.

Ali Marpet lined up for all 71 offensive plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who beat the visiting Chicago Bears, 29-7, to gain their first victory.

Nate Ebner was not active for the New England Patriots (1-1) , who beat the host New Orleans Saints, 36-20.

And no, Tarik Cohen of the Bears is not Jewish. Just as the Chicago Tribune, who asked me.


JFL Report: Week 1

Posted on: September 12th, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

Are you ready for some football? I’m not. Every year I tell myself I’m really going to pay attention and bone up on the teams and players, and every year I just get older. Maybe this is finally the time. Some people complain that the football season is too long, opening the door for more injuries. Here’s an idea: Don’t start it until after the World Series. That way there’s no inter-sport competition. Of course, I also think the baseball season is too long and that post-season should never go past mid-October.

Schwartz and Alex Smith celebrate a touchdown against the New England Patriots during the fourth quarter. Photo by Christopher Evans/Boston Herald

The New England Patriots began their season on an uncharacteristic note: with a loss. They fell to the visiting KC Chiefs in a runaway on Thursday, Sept. 7, by a score of 42-27. Mitchell Schwartz played every down on offense (69) plus another six (16 percent) on special teams for the victors. Some football wonks believe the Chiefs are Super Bowl contendersNate Ebner was not active for New England due to a shoulder injury; he had been listed as questionable prior to the game. Team owner Robert Kraft announced the Kraft family will match up to $1 million in funds donated to the American Red Cross in support of the Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund.

Ali Marpet and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the mis-timing of being scheduled against the Dolphins in Miami. That game was postponed.

The new guys — Gabe Marks of the NY Jets and Adam Bisnowaty of the NY Giants — did not make the final cut for their respective teams. On the bright side, they were signed to each club’s practice squads. See here for an explanation of just what that can mean. Bisnowaty had originally been waived but the Giants apparently change their mind. Not so lucky: quarterback Michael Bercovici, who was cut by the Los Angeles Chargers.

And no, Tarik Cohen of the Chicago Bears is not Jewish. Then again, neither is Julian Edelman (at least not according to the Jewish Sports Review), but some of us keep “claiming” him as such.

So that’s it, as far as Jewish NFLers go to this point. No Taylor Mays, no Erik Lorig, and, of course, no Geoff Schwartz. A shande. Especially since all the active MOTs are not in the marquee positions, so they won’t have much written about them unless something fantastic or tragic happens. Maybe Marks and Bisnowaty will get the call at some point.

There’s a draft: Jews and the NFL

Posted on: April 26th, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

The NFL draft begins tomorrow. It’s amazing how much of a media event it’s become over the past few years, worthy of prime time/daylong coverage by ESPN and the NFL network.

I’ve been holding back on a lot of the football Google alerts I’ve been getting lately because, well, frankly, I think the NFL gets too much coverage when it doesn’t deserve it. But bowing to the inevitable, here we go.

Adam Bisnowaty

Adam Bisnowaty

Wither Pitt offensive tackle Adam Bisnowaty? According to CardiacHill.com, “NFL.com has him as a fifth rounder.”

Gabe Marks

Gabe Marks

And what about Gabe Marks, late of Washington State? How will his shtick play in the big leagues?

UCLA QB Josh Rosen isn’t ready for the draft…yet. Now a junior, he missed most of last season with an injury, but he still garners a lot of attention.

As far as established JFLers go, Ali Marpet is slated to move over to the very responsible center position, which football pundits think is a good idea and which he is greatly looking forward to. And Mitchell Schwartz looks forward to a great year with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Are you ready for some football? (I’m not)

Posted on: March 20th, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

When did football become a 365-day-a-year thing? Seems like they’re really pushing to keep it in the limelight just as the NHL and NBA are heading into their post-season and baseball is about to begin. Attention hogs.

Now that Geoff Schwartz is no longer playing, look for a lot more analysis and commentary, like this one in which he opines that his brother Mitchell’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, should acquire Tony Romo, the quixotic QB for the Dallas Cowboys. Mitchell’s thoughts are closer to home.

He wasn’t picked for the Pro Bowl, but New England Patriots special teams star Nate Ebner picked up honors as “International Rugby Player of the Year” by the Samurai International RFC.

How long before Gabe Marks, formerly a star at Washington State University, joins the pro ranks? Seems like he’s got the interview thing down, although he might have to tone things down a bit as a rookie.

Marks may have some company in the NFL in Adam Bisnowaty, an offensive lineman previously with Pitt.




Shalom, Geoff Schwartz

Posted on: February 22nd, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

In this case, I’m using the word for both “goodbye” and “peace.”

It should not come as a giant surprise that the former Giant (and Panther and Viking and Chief) has announced his retirement. He did not play last season and only appeared in  13 of 36 games for New York over his two seasons with them due to an unfortunate series of injuries.

Image result for geoff schwartz familyOne of the things Jewish football fans appreciated about both him and his younger brother Mitchell — who is already being recognized as one of the best at his O-Line position — was how they embrace their religion. They were frequent guests at Jewish day schools and JCCs and earlier this month, they were among a group of local personalities inducted into the Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. I found it charming that their recent joint memoir, Eat My Schwartz: Our Story of NFL Football, Food, Family, and Faith, started off with the family celebrating Hanukka. Sweet.

Geoff wrote about his decision on SBNation. I’m sure he’ll do well; he spent the past season as an analyst for several on-line and broadcast outlets. And despite all the enjoyment he and his family have received through the sport, I can’t help thinking they’re kind of glad he’s getting out while he’s young and in relative good health.

Mazel tov, Geoff, and thanks for the memories.

Image result for geoff schwartz family

And then there was one (Nate Ebner)

Posted on: January 16th, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

Looks like there won’t be any MOT-on-MOT action in the AFC Championships Game next week. Nate Ebner and the New England Patriots beat up on the Houston Texans, 34-16, on Saturday. The game was close at the end of the first half with the Pats up by just one point. But they outscored Texas 17-3 over the final to quarters for the easy win. Ebner appeared in 26 plays (72 percent) for special teams, making one solo tackle and assisting on another.

Meanwhile Mitchell Schwartz and the Kansas City Chiefs lost a heart-breaker (if you’re a Schwartz or Chiefs fan), falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 18-16. They had a chance to tie the game late in the fourth quarter but their two-point conversion was negated by a holding penalty. Schwartz played at 58 offensive downs.

Nate EbnerMitchell Schwartz


Mazel tov, Mitchell Schwartz

Posted on: January 9th, 2017 by Ron Kaplan

Mitchell Schwartz, the ironman right tackle for the playoff-bound Kansas City Chiefs, was named to the NFL All-Pro, second team.

Mitchell Schwartz


Jewish sports scoreboard, weekend edition

Posted on: January 2nd, 2017 by Ron Kaplan


The regular season ended yesterday. On to the playoffs.

  • Nate Ebner will be there. His New England Patriots finished off the year with a 35-14 win over the host Miami Dolphins. Ebner appeared on 19 special team plays (73 percent), making another tackle and giving him a hand in 19 (13 unassisted, six assisted). he also forced two fumbles. The Patriot wind up 14-2 tops in the AFC and will enjoy home field advantage throughout the post-season (not including the Super Bowl should they get that far).
  • Mitchell Schwartz and the Kansas City Chiefs will also have their season continue. They beat the host San Diego Chargers, 37-27, to finish at 12-4, the same record as the Oakland Raiders. But by virtue of beat the Raiders twice, KC gets the top spot in the AFC West. Schwartz played on all 61 offensive snaps are right tackle. Like New England, they have a first round bye.
  • Ali Marpet played on all 63 offensive played as the starting right guard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (plus another 5/19 percent on special teams but their 17-16 win over the Carolina Panthers wasn’t quite enough to give them a post season berth. They finished at 9-7, second in the NFC South.
  • Wide receiver Daniel Braverman was not activated by the Chicago Bears for their last game. They couldn’t have done much worse had they kept him on, losing to the host Minnesota Vikings 38-10. Chicago finished with a 3-13 record, last in the NFC North.


  • Omri Casspi played just six minutes off the bench on Saturday in the Sacramento Kings’ 112-98 loss to the visiting Memphis Grizzlies. He scored two points with one rebound. Casspi and his wife, Shani, also hosted a Hanukka event at the local Chabad house.

Gallery: Omri Casspi Hanukkah Event at Chabad House



  • Sam Singer started as a guard for California on Friday in their 67-62 loss to visiting #18 Arizona. He scored four points in 29 minutes with two rebounds and four assists which tied him for team-high. On Sunday, Singer played 26 minutes off the bench, dropping in 10 points with six rebounds, two assists, and one steal in a 81-65 win over visiting Arizona State.
  • Roman Sorkin made the most of his three minutes off the bench for #21 Oregon in their 84-61 win over #22 USC on Friday. He hit on his only field goal attempt — a three-point shot —  and pulled down two rebounds.
  • Substitute guard Jordan Cohen did a little bit of everything in his team-high 29 bench minutes for Lehigh on Friday in a 66-59 win over host Army. He scored two with two rebounds, an assist, a steal, and a blocked shot.
  • Spencer Weisz once again played a major role in a Princeton victory. He started at forward, playing 29 minutes with nine points and led his team in both rebounds (eight) and assists (seven) in an 81-52 win over visiting Cal Poly on Saturday.
  • Egor Koulechov was another leader, playing all but two minutes as a starting guard for Rice, topping the team with 14 points and nine rebounds in a 62-56 loss to host Old Dominion on Saturday.
  • Hunter Sabety played 16 minutes off the bench, scoring two points and pulling down three boards as Hofstra held off host Delaware, 58-56 on Saturday.
  • Jeremy Lieberman started at a guard spot, scoring nine points in31 minutes as Wyoming lost to host UNLV on Saturday, 81-75. He also had three rebounds, four assists, and three steals.


  • Ally Rosenblum played two minutes as a sub for #10 UCLA in Friday’s 67-56 win over  Utah, just enough time to pick up a personal foul. She fared just about the same two days later, playing three minutes in an 87-74 win over visiting #20 Colorado.
  • Sara Hattis followed Rosenblum’s lead: she played one minute off the bench on Sunday for #18 Arizona State, picking up a personal, in a 72-62 win over visiting #21 California on Sunday.
  • By the way, there are several other female hoopsters in the NCAA. It’s just that the “powers that be” don’t file box scores for most of those games for whatever reason. Just so you know.


  • Zach Hyman stretched his consecutive points streak to four with two assists in yesterday’s annual New Year’s Centennial Classic outdoor contest. The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the visiting Detroit Red Wings in overtime, 5-4. The Leafs are a surprising 17-12-7, fifth in the Atlantic Division.
  • Jason Zucker scored a goal (#6) in 16:04 but his Minnesota Wild saw their 12-game wining streak come to an end on Saturday at the blades of the visiting Columbus Blue Jackets, who won their 15th in a row. Minny is 23-9-4, second in the Central Division.
  • Jason Demers played 21:40 — third-most minutes on the team — in the Florida Panthers’ 3-1 win over the host Dallas Stars on Saturday. He had no SOG.  Florida is 16-14-8, sixth in the Atlantic.
  • Michael Cammalleri took three SOG in 20:02 in Saturday’s 6-2 loss to the visiting Washington Capitals.  The devils are 14-16-7, last in the Metropolitan Division.
  • The Cleveland Monsters of the AHL signed NHL veteran Mike Brown to a 25-game professional tryout agreement last week.



Jewish sports scoreboard, December 26, 2016

Posted on: December 26th, 2016 by Ron Kaplan

NFL — Week 16

  • Mitchell Schwartz played all 76 offensive plays for the KC Chiefs at right tackle in their 33-10 win over the visiting Denver Broncos. The Chiefs, at 11-4, have clinched a playoff spot. They are in second place in the AFC West but since they’ve beaten the first-place Oakland Raiders, twice, they would win the division in case of a tie at season’s end.
  • Nate Ebner was a substitute defensive back, appearing in two plays (four percent) plus another 21 (75 percent) on special teams where he made another two tackles. Even his teammate thinks he should go to the Pro Bowl instead of him. New England won an ugly game against the visiting NY Jets, 41-3, and clinched the AFC East with a 13-2 record.
  • Ali Marpet played all 61 offensive plays at right guard for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, plus another four (15 percent) on special teams. He was also flagged for three penalties: two for offensive holding, and one for a false start.  Tampa Bay lost to the host New Orleans Saints, 31-24, to fall to 8-7, second in the NFC South.
  • Daniel Braverman was not activated for the Chicago Bears’ 41-21 loss to the visiting Washington Redskins. Chicago is 3-12, last in the NFC North.


The league shut down for the holiday weekend from Saturday through today.

  • Jason Zucker had one goal (#8) and two assists (#14, and 15) as the Minnesota Wild won their 10th straight with a 7-4 thrashing of the host NY Rangers. Zucker took two shots on goal in 17:29. The team is 21-8-4, in second place in the Central Division behind the Chicago Blackhawks.
  • Jason Demers notched goal #6 and assist #9 in 18:56 TOI but his Florida Marlin (15-14-6, fifth in the Atlantic Division) lost to the visiting Detroit Red Wings in a 4-3 shootout.
  • Michael Cammalleri took one SOG in 18:47 as the NJ Devils continue to struggle. The lost to the host Pittsburgh Penguins 4-1 and are 2-7-1 over the last 10 games to fall to seventh place in the Metropolitan Division with a record of 13-14-7.
  • Zach Hyman picked up his seventh assist in 18:16 to help the Toronto Maple Leafs beat the host Phoenix Coyotes, 4-1. The Leafs are 14-12-7, sixth in the Atlantic.


  • Omri Casspi missed Friday’s game — a 109-105 win over the host Minnesota Timberwolves –making it five in a row he’s lost due to illness.



  • Jojo Fallis started as a guard and played 26 minutes scoring six points with two rebounds, a team-leading five assists and one steal while Jack Gordon played four minutes off the bench as a guard with no points to help Cornell beat host Southeast Missouri State 78-62.
  • Ido Flaisher had a team-high five rebounds in 14 minutes off the bench at center for Hawaii in their 66-52 loss to Utah in the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic. He also contributed four points.
  • Jeremy Lieberman started at one of the guard posts, playing a total of 22 minutes while scoring five points with two rebounds one assist, a steal, and a blocked shot as Wyoming lost to visiting USC in overtime, 94-92.


  • No games scheduled


  • Flaisher played nine minutes off the bench for Hawaii, scoring two points with two rebounds and one blocked shot as Hawaii beat visiting Southern Mississippi, 60-46, in a continuation of the Diamond Head Classic.


  • No games scheduled over the weekend.



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